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10 October 12:00 PM - 10:00 PMA house

A block day - Live

Important! Live is a closed event during A block day. You need to have an A block day or an A block day - live ticket to enter the event.

We're proud to finally open up our new event spaces A stage (former A verkstad) and A backstage this special evening. We're also VERY proud to present our artist line-up during A block day - Live (the official afterwork of A block day). The live performances are provided to us by our beloved members Blixten & Co and Gigital. You find everything you need to know about the schedule and artists below.

The live event will also be filled with food & drinks from Sakeman & Sakesson, Norrlands Ljus, Terroir Vin, NaiaIsabelles Market and Treat Cocktails & Food.


Silvana Imam
A stage, 8pm

She Raps and Sweden Listens!

Silvana is one of the best-known hip-hop artists in Sweden, and a symbol of the counterreaction to the rise of right-wing populism in Scandinavia’s most populous country.

In 2014, her breakout single “IMAM,” a political song in which she refers to herself as a “176 centimeter Pussy Riot,” reached number one in the Swedish charts. Since then, she has won numerous awards, including a Swedish Grammi, the country’s equivalent to a Grammy Award, for artist of the year.

Her most recent album, “Helig Moder” (“Holy Mother”), released in February, has been widely praised in the Swedish news media, and this Summer she was the opening act for the main stage of the renowned Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark. In Sweden she magnetized the audience in Slottsskogen at Way Out West.

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Linn Koch-Emmery
A stage, 7pm

Effortlessly mixing classic pop melodies with the likes of a 90’s fuzzy guitar sound, Linn Koch-Emmery has been stated as one of the most rapid rising stars in modern indie rock.

Debuting in 2017 she quickly gained attention on blogs and media worldwide and with four out of eight released songs making it onto national and international radio the buzz around the messy haired, bright eyed Swede was a fact.

Since then Koch-Emmery has completing her first european tour as well as played shows and festivals in the US, Mexico and UK.

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A coustic, 5-7pm

Nasiri - a multi-instrumentalist & music producer. Working in many different projects around the world with live shows, theatre music, music production for movies and series, etc. Using a big variety of instruments; like the oud, flute, clarinet, Persian strings, percussion, voice, looping FX & Ableton Live.

"The dreamy soundscape of ethnic instruments like the oud, flute & clarinet, meets deep bass lines, drum machines & organic percussion".

"A journey through the spiritual and the material, the real and the unreal, that reflects the mysticism and the meaning of our existence".

"The purpose is to enlighten the beauty that exists in the different cultures of the world and merge them with the world languages: Music, Dance & Harmony".

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Evelina Nässén & Anna Korsgren
A stage, 5-10pm

Evelina Nässén

With the goal to spread as much glitter and to seek out the wierdest house/disco tracks in this dimension Evelina has taken both the under and aboveground clubs by storm and always gives an extravagant performance beyond the usual. With focus on building atmosphere Evelina chooses music from a variety of genres moving towards oldschool disco, house and other electronic genres.

Evelina Nässén has played clubs such as Placebo (Uppsala), Technu (Gbg), Borderland (DK), Technob@stun, Trappa Upp (Malmö) Osignat and F12 to name a few.
She has also been active as booker and resident at Berns in Stockholm.

Anna Korsgren

For more than half a decade Stockholm-native Anna Korsgren has been touring the globe on a mission to make the world dance.

She describes her sets as fun, and high octane with lots of drive and sometimes some unexpected twists. Fusing afro house, acid house and nu-disco with more progressive deep house tunes and melodic techno which makes her style original and eclectic.

Be prepared to be taken through a soundscape with deep baselines and uplifting vocals, where old school groove is accompanied by stomping bass.

Anna plays regularly at Trädgården and Nosh & Chow in Stockholm and pops up here and there at other bars, night clubs and raves. She also DJ’s for brands like Youtube, Absolut Vodka, Nike, Spotify and many more.

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This event will be held in our event spaces A stage, A backstage and A coustic. The entrance to the event will be at Uggelviksgatan 2A. It's important to know that you will not be able to enter the event from inside the A house building and that also applies to all of A house members.


A market 12:00-18:00

The vibrating marketplace for all of our members.

A house, 2nd floor 300min


Let's start this inspiring day with an energizing lunch at a reasonable price. There will be appetizers (for free!) from Materiet, mouth-watering Shish kebab by Shakhawan Farook and healthy vegan food from fast food for the future.

A room, A yard 90min

STING: This is how you dramatically increase gender equality in your recruitments 2020

“The proportion of recruitments that resulted in a woman being hired into Sting companies increased from 28% to 40% last year. Learn from Sting’s own startup recruitment experts how they worked with communication, choice of marketing channels and goalsetting to increase the gender balance in tech startups.

Sting, 4th floor 45min

GROW: Get behind the scenes of the Grow packaging lab

Join Head of Design Isabelle in our lab, where we keep packaging gems and concepts created throughout the years, along with new materials you’ve probably never heard of.

Grow, 5th floor 45min

SPLAY ONE: Working with MCN - Best practices

How to be successful on youtube is an enigma for many people. Splay One the first youtube network (MCN) in the Nordics managing over 600 youtube channels knows what is working and not. Join a 30min session - a hybrid between lecture and a relaxing showcase on best practices. 

A auditorium, 2nd floor 30min

DIGITALIST: Become a better purchaser of Digital services

Almost all companies own some kind of Digital service today. It can be as simple as a website or app, or a big complex system. No matter what, most people experience a lot of challenges with these services, it is often expensive and difficult to run these projects.

Rarely do you get the results you want and often it has become more expensive than you thought. What goes wrong and can we act differently to achieve other results?

Of course, we know that and the fact is that how we order and relate to our services is the single most important factor for success. You can't afford to miss this!

Tomas is a digital strategist and business developer at Digitalist. Tomas has 24 years of experience working with Digital services in roles such as developer, analyst, strategist and business developer. For almost 5 years, Tomas has lectured on becoming a better client and this lecture is usually appreciated. This spring, for example, Stockholm City changed one of its procurement processes based on Tomas materials and lecture.

(Presentation will be held in Swedish)

A atelier, 5th floor 30min

LEVELS: Digital Transformation – from buzzword to action and reflection

We would like to invite you to participate in an interactive presentation and discussion on one of the most important changes that is currently taking place at high speed and around the clock. When you are in the midst of strong change it could sometimes be hard to tell details in our everyday life from meta-trends and overall shifts in technology and behavior.

So, join us to hear how we think around these issues, how we turn them into strategy, tactics and collaborative opportunities. We would also like to put things in perspective and sometimes when you look at our history, there are lots of things that have been thought and said in changing times and around new technology that is laughable in hindsight. So, most welcome to Levels for an inspiring session on “the meaning of digital transformation” together with Per Spångberg and Linus Granborg.

Levels, 4th floor 45min

HOUSE OF SPARKS: The power of perspectives

To come up with ideas isn’t the problem today, making them happen is the challenge.

House of sparks helps organisations transform ideas into reality through an action-oriented process that unleashes the creative potential in your organisation, so you can move forward quickly.

During this session you’ll get an introduction to how you can explore new opportunities and turn them into action through collaboration with different perspectives. 

A auditorium, 2nd floor 30min

STING: Tech Startups – why metrics matters and how to identify the right metrics for your company

As an early-stage startup it’s extremely important to find the right metrics early on. Learn from Sting’s business coach Hannah Meiton how she fell in love with metrics and her experience in different tech companies like iZettle and Soundtrack your Brand. Hannah is also a broad member in many startups such as Mentimeter and she’s currently helping Sting startups with their growth strategies.

Sting, 4th floor 45min

GROW: What is the Future of Packaging?

Guiding you in a smart and sustainable world of Design, Circular Economy, Future Materials and Digitalization. Join us for a mind-opening expert panel discussion on the 5th floor. We’ll tell you all about the future of packaging.

A atelier, 5th floor 45min

A better workshop

Join A better workshop to co-create a better (more sustainable) A house, in only 1,5 hours. We will work through a comprehensive version of the newly founded A house workshop process, where you will learn about the importance of slowing down and speeding up, expand your creative thinking, get new tools and exercises to improve workshops and meetings in general, and simultaneously; help making A house (and the world;)) a better place.  

The workshop will generate a minimum of 3 ideas which A house will implement this year, meaning that this is the perfect spot to ensure that your genius ideas will be both heard and executed.  

 A workshop is making room for progress, fuelled by the A house community members. Don´t miss this.

A room, 2nd floor 90min

LEVELS: Strategic Bets

Welcome to join our future-oriented talk in true Levels innovation-exploring-spirit, about the rise of audio, decentralized media, and a potential more inclusive and fulfilling future education. Innocent Mugenga will cover the concept of Learnability, audio-related trends, venturing into the African continent with the startup Afripods, as well as why and how you can and should start a podcast.

Levels 45min

BLIXTEN: Science says gig-going can help you live longer and increases wellbeing

• Fortnightly gig attendance could extend life expectancy by NINE years

• Wellbeing increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of gig-time, compared to just 10% for yoga and only 7% for dog-walking

• O2 commissioned scientific study reveals the power of live music on the human body and mind

Meet the people behind experiences making your life longer. We will showcase some of our live productions on screen together with something nice to drink.

Blixten & Co, 5th floor 45min

SPOIL CONCEPT: Trend talk with Cay Bond

SpoilConcept invites you to a trend talk with trend analyst, author, journalist, lecturer and curator Cay Bond. As the only Swede she was awarded (2015) the French title Officier de l'Ordre du Mérite for her work on French fashion culture. Cay has been celebrated for her outstanding efforts to highlight France as a source of inspiration, history and fashion. She is frequently employed by various institutions for her wide knowledge of sustainability, craft and art in Sweden and around Europe.

Cay Bond's knowledge has brought fashion designers and companies together and contributed to respectable collaborations. During her lecture "Courage", Cay will present how the sociocultural influences in society affect us in design and technology. The increasing changes in development rate affect us and allows for new space and understanding of crafts and arts that require time.

SpoilConcept, 4th floor 45min

A block night

The official after-party with live music, food & drinks. Artist and details to be announced.

A block night 300min


Live performance.

A coustic 120min

Evelina Nässén & Anna Korsgren

DJ set.

A stage 300min

Linn Koch-Emmery

Live performance.

A stage 30min

Silvana Imam

Live performance.

A stage 30min

Organized by

The people of A house @ahousestockholm

A block day is a collaboration between all members of A house.